How To Use A Power Drain Auger?

The sewer line is the most important part of the house. It is also the most difficult to understand. It is usually never obvious, where it is located or why pipes are clogged. The worst part about this whole situation is that you may not even know that there are problems until your sewer is backed up or your sink stops draining.

The most common problem with the sewer line is the roots of trees that invade it and cause blockage.

A power drain auger can be used in different applications – for removing tree roots, boulders, rocks, concrete chunks, or other debris in toilet drains or septic tanks drain has overflowed and ruined your property.

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Why Should You Use A Power Drain Auger?

A power drain auger is an excellent drain tool that is used to clear difficult blockages and is capable of cleaning long stretches of drains.

Using this tool, one can use less effort and time when removing debris from the blocked drains.

A power drain auger is an electric-powered device used for excavation. It provides fast and efficient removal of tree roots, rocks, tree stumps, boulders, and other obstructions in sewer lines.

This comes equipped with several features that make it suitable for different applications.

power drain auger

How To Use A Power Drain Auger?

Before you use a power drain auger, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular machine.

Now, once you’ve decided that your sink or drain is blocked so bad you need a power auger, when purchasing one, measure the size of your drain pipe.

Some sewers have different size pipes and the power auger will not work on a smaller pipe. Therefore, you need to make sure your drainpipe is big enough before you buy a Drain Auger.

The following steps will help you know how to use it safely and effectively:

Before starting, always wear safety gear like gloves, goggles, and boots.

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Prepare the Work Area

Make sure you have the necessary tools and items like buckets, safety glasses, and rubber gloves.

Ensure your work area is well lit and ventilated to avoid dangerous gas build-up.

Check your power drain auger is not damaged or broken before use.

Make sure there is no water in the drain before starting to use the power drain auger.

Insert the Electric Drain Snake into the Drain

Turn on the power and start feeding it through your sewer line.

The solid cable which comes with the cutting tool at one end starts rotating when you turn on the drain snake machine.

The spinning cable cuts through any blockages with ease, which are obstructing your sewer line.

power drain cleaner machine

Feed the Auger to Remove the Blockage

Keep moving the power drain auger slowly and steadily, pushing it further into your sewer line.

If the cutting tool finds lodged with the blockage using the reverse feature on your drain auger to help to loosen up the blockage.

Note: Use reverse only for clearing blockages not for removing cable out

Then start turning again until the blockage is removed.

Remove the Power Auger Carefully

Turn off the electricity, and carefully remove the cable using your hand.

Once the drain auger is removed, flush your lines with water to clear any remaining debris.

Once removed, empty all contents in a safe container like buckets or trash containers.

removing drain auger

Clean the Power Drain Auger

Wash away all debris from the outside of the cable.

Inspect for any damage to ensure your power drain auger is still in good condition.

If you do not feel comfortable with taking apart or repairing it yourself, then call a professional to service your machine instead.

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Power Drain Auger Cost

The cost to use a power drain auger is typically economical. Prices vary depending upon the manufacturer and model of the machine.

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There are not very many maintenance costs needed for this equipment, so it can save you money in the long run. The case may be different if you own an older model of the power drain auger that needs maintenance or repairs.

Power Drain Auger: How to Buy?

You should consider which features are most important to you so you can choose the right power drain auger for your needs. Here are some of the top features to consider when buying a power drain auger:

Cable Diameter:

  • Before buying a power drain auger, make sure the cable you purchase is the right diameter for your pipes.
  • If you choose a too-small cable, it will not clear the obstruction and you might have to return and try another size.
  • Also, if you buy a too-large diameter, it could get stuck in your drain lines.

Cable Length:

  • The standard cable length is 25 feet. However, some power drain augers come equipped with longer cables that can reach up to 100 feet.
  • In most cases, 50 feet is enough to go through a standard-sized home.

Cable Type:

  • For the cable, I would recommend buying a solid core cable.
  • This type of cable has higher toughness,  does not tangle, and gets through tough clogs.

Interchangeable Cutters:

  • You should consider buying a power drain auger with interchangeable cutters for more versatility.
  • Having the option to use different types of cutters gives you more control over how you clear out your sewers or drains.


  • The higher the wattage, the faster and more powerful your power drain auger will be.
  • A machine with lower watts might not be as effective or powerful as one that is designed with high wattage.
  • Comes in 250W to 370W.

Best Power Drain Auger in Amazon

Before buying a power drain auger, make sure to measure the size of your sewer line and also check if the drainpipe is big enough.

You might want to consider purchasing a model with replaceable parts. This will allow you to simply replace worn-out or broken components and keep the power drain auger running for years to come.

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Some drain augers are bundled with different attachments that allow you to use them on several types of applications.

It is advisable to buy from a reputable company that sells quality equipment. This ensures that you get better service and adequate warranties for any repairs or replacements in case something goes wrong.

Safety Tips to Adhere When Using a Power Plumbing Auger

If you’re ready to use a power drain auger for the first time, consider reading these quick tips that can help you stay safe.

  • Before use, inspect loose hardware like nuts, bolts, and screws for tightness
  • Do not use machines in standing water
  • Only use right-sized drain cleaning machine
  • Use extension cords if necessary
  • Do not force the drain cleaner
  • Only one person should operate the machine
  • Use reverse only for clearing blockages not for removing cable out
  • Do not leave the drain cleaner unattended
  • Do not allow the cutter to stop turning while the machine is on to prevent overstressing
  • Position drain cleaner within two feet of the drain opening
  • Do not let cable build up outside the drain
  • Do not remove gloved hand until all tension is released
  • Do not pull cable when the machine is running
  • Use reverse for pulling the cable off the obstruction
  • Wash hands after use
  • Clean the machine with hot water and lubricate with oil after drying

Cleaning a blocked drain can be done in an easy and affordable way if you know how to use a power drain auger correctly.

If you’re ready to start using this machine, remember to always wear safety goggles and gloves while operating the equipment. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions before starting the process for best results. Keep these tips in mind to use the machine safely and effectively.

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