How To Use Cobra Drain Auger?

Cobra Drain Auger is a lightweight, highly durable, hand-held drain snake. It’s useful for clearing blockages in your household pipes and drains fast.

Manufactured in Taiwan, Cobra Drain Auger is a simple and efficient tool for unclogging sinks and toilets.

Comes with a high-impact polymer housing and pistol grip handle for better control and balance.

Its carbon spring wire can be used to clear any clogged sink or drain in no time! Cobra Drain Auger is useful for both home and commercial purposes.

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It will help you in clearing the blocked sink, toilet, or bathtub in minutes! This can help you reduce the cost of calling plumbers.

How To Use Cobra Drain Auger?

Cobra Drain Auger can be used as a handheld auger or can be used by attaching a drill bit to the end.

It comes in various lengths, measure the length of your drain and choose the appropriate size.

Once you have selected the right size of drain auger, you can operate it using a hand crank or through connecting a drill.

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cobra drum augerIdentify the Clog

Look for the clog in your drain using a flashlight.  You need to know where exactly your blockage is before you start clearing it!

If the blockage is easier to reach then you can utilize the hand crank of the drain auger. If it is in a tight space then you can use a drill.

Insert the Drain Auger

Once you’ve identified where your clog is, insert the drill into the Cobra Drain Auger.

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Now insert it into the drain/toilet and ensure that you are inserting properly until you reach the blockage.

Now, start drilling at a low speed until you reach the clog. This process may take some time depending on your drain’s depth and how bad it is clogged.

A cable inside will begin to spin which will break up the clog and clear it out!

drum auger using

Clearing the Clogs

Make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure as this may cause harm to your drain.  You can also use a wrench if it gets stuck and finds the clog.

If you don’t know how deep your drain is, try inserting the Cobra Drain Auger bit by bit until it meets some resistance which means that you’ve reached the end of your drain pipe!

Once you have reached the clog, keep the drill running for an additional 5 minutes to ensure that all of the debris is cleared out of the drain.

Remove The Auger

Once you’ve completed the process, remove the drill carefully to avoid splashing dirty water all over your bathroom floor.

Now check if there is any change in the flow of water or not, if it continues to stop then repeat the entire process again!

Make sure to put some disinfectant down your drains once you have cleared them out.

This way, you can keep your drains free from any dirty & harmful debris which may lead to blocks again!

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Can you use a cobra drain auger on a toilet?

No! Toilet drains are made in a different way. So using a drain auger on a toilet is not suggested.

If your toilet isn’t draining properly, it’s advised to use a toilet auger instead of a Drain auger.

Using a drain auger can damage porcelain and other parts of your toilet which will make the entire process ineffective!

Using a Cobra Drain Auger is the most efficient method to unblock sinks and toilets!

You can do it on your own by following our guidelines above.  So what are you waiting for? Grab a Cobra Drain Auger right now, before your clogged drain becomes a disaster!

This way, you can keep your drains free from any dirty & harmful debris which may lead to blocks again!

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