Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerheads, 2-Person Commercial Grade 173cc, Black/Red

Introducing the Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerhead, a true beast in Black/Red! It’s like the Terminator of outdoor tools, ready to conquer even the toughest drilling tasks with a sense of style that screams, “I mean business!” Whether you’re a two-person drilling duo or a solo warrior on a mission, It has your back. In this quirky journey through powerhead paradise, we’ll dive into its features, performance, and a few comical quirks that make it the superhero of soil drilling.

The Earthquake Two-Person Earth Auger Powerhead boasts a commercial grade 173cc Kohler Command Pro Engine tailored for heavy-duty hole drilling tasks. Whether you’re putting up a fence or planting trees, this rugged unit is made for demanding projects, either at home or a professional worksite. It combines the strength of solid steel and heat-treated alloy gears with the protection of a welded steel cage to withstand the trials of a construction environment.

Designed to cater to two operators, its wide handlebars ensure proper leverage and precision, capable of drilling holes up to 14 inches in diameter.

Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerheads

Features of Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerheads, 2-Person Commercial Grade 173cc, Black/Red

  • Powerful Engine: It is equipped with a robust 173cc Kohler Command Pro Engine, ensuring consistent and efficient operation. This engine is known for its reliability and performance in various applications.
  • Commercial Grade: The powerhead is built with commercial-grade components, designed to withstand tough conditions and provide longevity. This makes it suitable for demanding drilling tasks.
  • Two-Person Operation: The design of this powerhead is optimized for two-person operation. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to safety during use, particularly when drilling large holes.
  • Drilling Large Hole Capability: One of its standout features is the ability to drill large holes, with a capacity of up to 14 inches in width. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including fencing, landscaping, and construction projects.
  • Compatibility: The Earthquake 40774 is compatible with all Earthquake auger bits featuring a 7/8-inch output shaft. This compatibility adds versatility to its functionality, allowing users to choose the right bit for their specific needs.
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Pro’s and Con’s of Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerheads, 2-Person Commercial Grade 173cc, Black/Red

Pros Cons
Provides quick and efficient drilling, saving users significant time. Difficulties in handling rocky or gravel-filled terrains.
Reliable ignition, constantly firing up without issues. Ideal for two-person operation, challenging for solo use.
Generally performs well even through harder soil layers and occasional rocks. When heated, the idle does not completely drop, causing the shaft to spin slowly without throttle.
Robust build quality indicating long-term durability. Size and weight can be cumbersome for some users.

Who should choose Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerheads, 2-Person Commercial Grade 173cc, Black/Red

The Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerhead, designed for 2-person operation and equipped with a 173cc Kohler Command Pro Engine, is an ideal choice for specific groups of individuals:

  • Landscapers and Contractors: Professionals in landscaping and construction industries can benefit from the power and durability of this powerhead. It’s suitable for digging holes for fence posts, tree planting, and other outdoor projects, making it a valuable tool in their arsenal.
  • DIY Enthusiasts with Large Projects: Homeowners undertaking significant landscaping or outdoor construction projects may find the Earthquake 40774 useful. Its ability to drill large holes (up to 14 inches in width) and commercial-grade components ensure efficient and reliable performance.
  • Two-Person Teams: As the powerhead is optimized for two-person operation, it’s a safer and more efficient choice when working in teams. This feature enhances productivity and ensures that tasks are completed more quickly.
  • Users with a Need for Versatility: Those who require versatility in drilling tasks, such as digging holes for signs, posts, or even ice fishing, can benefit from the compatibility with various Earthquake auger bits, providing flexibility for different applications.
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FAQs on Earthquake 40774

How deep can a 2 man auger dig?

A 2-man auger typically can dig between 2 to 4 feet deep, but this depth can vary based on the auger’s design, bit length, and soil conditions. There are extended bits available for some models that allow users to dig deeper, sometimes up to 5 feet or more, depending on the auger’s specifications and the user’s capability to manage deeper holes.

Can one person use a two man auger?

While it’s technically possible for one person to use a two-man auger, it’s not recommended. Two-man augers are designed for team operation, ensuring safety, leverage, and control. Using it solo can lead to difficulties in managing its weight, potential injuries, and inaccuracies in hole drilling.

What is the difference between a one person and two-person auger?

The primary differences between a one-person and a two-person auger are size, weight, and design:

  • Size & Power: Two-person augers are generally larger and equipped with more powerful engines, allowing them to tackle harder soils and bigger drilling projects.
  • Weight: Due to their size and power, two-person augers are typically heavier, hence the recommendation for two operators to manage the machine’s weight effectively.
  • Design: Two-person augers usually feature wider handlebars, providing space for two operators to control and balance the machine. One-person augers are designed with a more compact frame, making them easier for solo operators to handle.

Is an auger better than a post hole digger?

Both augers and post hole diggers have their advantages and are suited for different tasks:


  • Pros: Augers are faster and more efficient for drilling multiple holes. They significantly reduce manual labor and are ideal for larger projects where speed and productivity are crucial
  • Cons: Augers require fuel or electricity to operate, adding to operating costs. They can also be heavier and more expensive than manual post hole diggers, making them less suitable for users on a tight budget or those with limited physical strength.
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Post Hole Digger:

  • Pros: Post hole diggers are manual tools and don’t require any fuel or electricity. They offer more precise control, making them suitable for sensitive areas where accuracy is essential
  • Cons: Using a post hole digger requires more physical effort, especially in hard soils. They can also be slower for larger projects, making them less efficient when time is of the essence.

An auger is generally better for projects requiring multiple holes in a shorter period, while a post hole digger is suitable for smaller projects, tighter budgets, or where precision is paramount.

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The Earthquake Two-Person Earth Auger Powerhead, with its 173cc Kohler Command Pro Engine, is a formidable tool crafted for commercial-grade projects. Its construction prioritizes durability and efficiency. While it excels in many terrains, users should be cautious in rock-heavy soils.

The machine’s design is meant for teamwork, and solo users might find it challenging. Regular maintenance, especially of the air filter, is essential. If you’re seeking a robust, reliable, and efficient auger and have the manpower to handle it, this product comes highly recommended.

The Earthquake 40774 Earth Auger Powerhead is suitable for professionals, DIY enthusiasts tackling large projects, two-person teams, and users who value versatility in their drilling tasks. It offers power, durability, and efficiency, making it a valuable tool in a variety of outdoor applications.

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