Best Earthquake Post Hole Diggers

What are Earth Augers/Post Hole Diggers?

A normal post hole digger or an auger is a bigger variant of drilling larger holes on bigger surfaces. An earth auger, however, is used to accomplish something more. As the auger twists and drills an entire on the ground, it completes the materials it has uncovered like a screw transport. This was started to be used as a device utilized for horticulture in the past, which eventually started coming in different shapes and sizes, making it ideal for different drill work in various fields.

It additionally accompanies various attachments that could be convenient and make the work quicker, and most certainly more effective. Different drill teeth can likewise be utilized for this kind of earth-boring hardware.

Earth drills make it simple for landscapers to dig openings, yet they likewise make conditions for better plant development. Since the drills crush the dirt, roots can rapidly get comfortable. In the event that the soil is compacted or poor, further developing it with a small bunch of fertilizer or spoiled manure is simple.

Looser soil likewise considers better assimilation of dampness and all the nutrients and diminishes the complication of spillover and disintegration. Water depletes well, subsequently decreasing the risk of decay and other plant infections.

Types of Earth Augers/Post Hole Diggers 

Hand Auger

This is the least complex kind of earth drill. Hand augers are usually light in weight, convenient, and less expensive and are great for easier work requiring less exertion, like cultivating, establishing little trees and bushes, or digging little holes. They typically range between 4 inches to 8 inches — the ideal size for little jobs.

One-Man Earth Auger

On the off chance that hand augers are not cutting it for the errands, one may be looking for, a one-man auger might be the ideal choice. Controlled by either a motor or battery, a one-man auger makes them an optimal device for work that needs further penetration that handheld ones can’t oversee alone and everything is equal.

Be that as it may, they are likewise light in weight and simple to use, which makes them the most ideal for establishing several trees, setting up a little fence, or boring through thick ice.

Two-Man Earth Auger

Generally fueled by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle motor, these augers require two individuals to work as the name proposes. In the event that you really want to dig such a large number of holes and more profound holes across a more extensive space, a two-man auger with its substantial trademark is an ideal device to get everything done.

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Earth Drills/Auger Drills

Generally utilized by civil workers and earthmoving administrators, earth augers or an earth drill bore are normally connected to hardware like tractors, slide steers, and small-scale loaders, to give some examples. They are ideal to utilize even from the least difficult errand of fencing to a critical logical excavation and investigation.

Here are some of the best hand-picked post hole diggers from the brand “Earthquake” that are best suited for your concerns;

EARTHQUAKE 9800H 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 160cc 4-Cycle, Black

This Earthquake post hole digger powerhead has a metal ball, and alloy gear drive transmission that handles the hardest of tasks. The power drill is designed to not flop out in the field. They are made using strong materials and welded steel handlebars. The Earthquake two-man earth post hole diggers are intended for difficult tasks and the 9800H earth drill powerhead loads the greatest power with a 160cc Honda motor.

The strong steel, heat-treated alloy gear, and the 3-inch centrifugal clutch give added solidness. This rock solid unit can handle a wide variety of soils and uncovers a hole up to 14 Inches in width with remarkable control, permitting the user to accomplish the work quicker, simpler, and with greater dependability. It is ideally suited for fencing, establishing trees, and different tasks around the ranch or farm.

Earthquake 35064 Powerhead with 8 inch Auger Bit, 1-Man 43CC, Red

Extraordinary power, toughness, and effectiveness can be experienced with this one-man earth auger. The modern air filtration keeps soil out of the motor and runs smooth. The Powerhead is lightweight yet worked with uncompromising development utilizing steel welded handlebars. The transmission highlights metal rollers and compound pinion wheels worked to endure the difficulties of diving into the soil. The powerhead highlights against vibration foam-grip handle, with a simple to-grip fingertip throttle control. 

The included 8 inches drill is developed of sturdy steel, substantial welds, and a powder coat finish. With a complete fishtail point, flex coil anti-shock feature, and replaceable sharp edges, this drill is long-lasting equipment. This 36-inch-long Earthquake drill makes it simple for standing upright while beginning or penetrating further on more significant ventures.

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Earthquake 10310 Dually 1 or 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead – 52cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine

With the Dually power earth auger powerhead from Earthquake, you can drill holes without help from anyone else or along with someone else. For enormous outdoor projects, the 10310 Dually handles incredibly well while utilizing two people. Be that as it may, while other standard two-man controlled drills just take into consideration two-man activity consistently, the Dually can likewise be run effectively with a single person.

Earthquake E43 1-Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine 

Earthquake is the biggest producer of earth drills and with the E43 earth drill powerhead, you can penetrate profoundly into the earth in not more than seconds. Designed to be solid and dependable, Earthquake earth drills make any digging project more convenient and quicker. Intense, yet lightweight, the ‎43CC powerhead Auger is great for a periodic undertaking around the house, homestead, or farm. It is perfect for building decks, fences, soil testing, letter box establishments, and numerous other outdoor tasks.

A few things to consider while choosing a post hole digger:

Mechanical or Manual

Besides the standard drill classes, you may likewise contemplate the sort of activity you need for your preferable boring unit. You might opt for either manual or motor worked models. For manual models, these earth drills have scooping systems. Notwithstanding, these units could require a ton of muscle to haul when contrasted with lifting a jar of food. They are likewise great for light-to-medium digging tasks. For instance, you can utilize it for expanding water system channels.

Apparently, you might also need to search for a mechanical earth auger. These models could either have gas or electric motors driving the machines. Gas motors could cross various surfaces, along with depleting clay and soil. Furthermore, gas earth drills could likewise be an ideal goal for moving hard-to-break rocks out of the technique during digging.

Also, in conclusion, electric earth augers are basically the same as the gas combustion ones. The main contrast is that you won’t get choked with the gas vapor it will emanate. These models are additionally adaptable and will allow you to exchange the blade width for different digging projects. Likewise, keep in mind that a drill with two-phase motors is reasonable, but delivers a ton of commotion and requires high maintenance, while four-stroke machines produce less noise with less complex activity.

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Diameter and Depth of the Auger

Some earth drill models empower clients to change the widths of the drill to build different exhibitions of the instrument. For instance, you can involve a 1.5-inch breadth drill for examining the soil. Keep in mind that the more power required for the drill or the use, the bigger the measurement you would want for the auger to have.

You can likewise consider a gear decrease feature that is ideally suited for some earth drills. This capability assists clients with involving an enormous breadth of drills for modern penetrating activities. 

Depth Capacity

Depth is something to consider while picking earth augers. There are certain activities that would need deeper digging. Assuming you will dig profound holes, you would have to utilize auger drives outfitted with strong motors and huge or long drill boring bits and drill boring bit extension.

Drill bits can go from 2.5 feet to 7.5 feet. Consider looking for earth augers that permit you to effectively switch drill bits. Along these lines, you don’t have to purchase one more machine to make up for the different boring undertakings’ assorted requirements, setting aside some additional cash and time.

How to use an earth auger/post-hole digger

  • Wear proper attire. Cover your body and get hair and garments far from the machine
  • Wear safety goggles and ear guards whenever, if mentioned in the manual
  • Fill the tank with fuel in the event that you are utilizing a power drill
  • Select your picked drill bore and join it on a leveled and consistent surface
  • Select the region you need to dig
  • Make sure that the ground under is protected. Keep away from electrical wires, water pipes, gas pipes, and rough regions
  • Position the drill above where you need to dig.
  • Turn over the motor
  • Allow the drill to burrow down without putting your body weight onto it
  • In the event that you feel opposition or a peculiar commotion, switch the motor off
  • In the wake of arriving at your ideal depth, switch off the motor
  • Gradually pull out the drill from the beginning, just whenever it has quit pivoting
  • Examine the instrument, clean it, and store it away

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