Guide to Choose & Buy Post Hole Digger Bar

Be it for putting posts on your property or creating a garden can be truly physically nerve-wracking , however utilising a solid and viable post hole digger can assist with taking care of that business rapidly and effectively. These diggers come in two distinct styles, the two of which basically do the similar job. Traditional manual models utilise two bended edges to physically dig, scoop, and lift up the soil, while modern automatic models — including either electric or gas powered – utilise a pivoting drill to uproot and haul soil into a more healthy place.

In spite of the fact that their essential job is digging holes for posts, post hole diggers are additionally helpful for other projects, such as ploughing soil, establishing holes for plants and trees, and some variants might penetrate holes for ice fishing as well.

Some of the most common types of post hole digger bars out there in the market are;

Lining Bars

Lining bars are the type of bars that are known to have a wedge point toward the end. The wedge point is the most ideal for prying under weighty railroad pieces or heavier concrete base.

Spud Bar

These types of spud bars have an etch toward one side with an unpolished side on the other. The etch is for chipping through obstinate materials like ice or bark. Now and again, the etch point is somewhat altered to be better for the materials.

Hop Bar

Hop bars are the kind of bars that are meant to be somewhat more specific, as these shafts are expressly for making hop poles. Hop poles predominantly hold up hop plants, which are essential for the production of alcoholic beverages, etc. The lengthy bulb-like spikes toward the finish of these bars give space to the bars underneath.

What to consider when buying a post hole digger

You ought to carve out some to consider precisely the exact reason you will involve your post hole digger for, if not you could wind up with a costly instrument that may not be really helpful or do the job perfectly. On the off chance that you’re simply going to be digging only a few holes all at once, you ought to presumably go with the most simple and manual choice.

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In case you need to dig a deeper hole, you’d likely be insightful to go with a gas, electric post hole digger, or battery-fueled post hole digger model. Assuming you want to avoid manual diggers and go for the automatic ones, for reducing labor time and increasing effectiveness, gas powered digger equipment will be the most ideal choice, yet remember that you will possibly be exposed to fuel blends and harmful fumes, so do not forget to wear those protective glasses, gloves and a mask.

Picking the best post hole digger can be troublesome in light of the fact that there are various choices from various brands available.

Some of the top picks for you;

Bully Tools 92448 Steel Tamping and Digging Bar, 48-Inch

The Bully Tools 92448 Steel Tamping and Digging Bar is intended to deal with the savage power of weighty digging. The all-steel and extra-thick creation, opposes any chances of bending and powers through the intensity of the soil. The huge striking end likewise shields the individual’s hand from pounding.

Truper 30162 Bars 69-Inch Post Hole Digger / Tamping Bar, 16-Pound

The Truper 30162 steel demolition digging bar that is about 16lbs, is used for digging and tamping. With a rust resistant finish, this bar is drop forged and treated with heat for an ultimate durability and power.

Bully Tools 92539 Steel Tamping and Digging Bar, 68-Inch

The Bully Tools 92539 digging bar is a commercial grade post hole digger bar that has a limited lifetime warranty. This 69-Inch tamping and digging bar comes with an all steel construction and a 3/8″ thick head.

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Seymour DG-19 Digger Tamper Bar

Suitable for digging post holes on hard, rocky and intense soil, the Seymour DG-19 digging bar comes with a chisel head that has a forged flat head made out of steel and a 1-inch diameter round handle.

Here are some quick tips for maintaining your newly purchased post hole digger bar;

It is absolutely important that you maintain the newly purchased post hole digger bar because of the fact that every piece of equipment tends to go through the process of wear and tear. In order to get your post hole digger working well, regular maintenance is needed.

Following are some of the tips that will help you get started to maintain your post hole digger;

  1. Ensure to clean your post hole digger – Cleaning your post hole digger forestalls any formation of rust and different issues. Soil and trash can develop over the long haul and cause harm to your post hole digger. Utilize a brush to clean soil and debris.
  2. Maintain your post hole digger in good condition – Keep your post hole digger liberated from dampness. This is because the dampness can prompt erosion and rust. Ensure that the region where you keep your post hole digger is dry.
  3. Carefully check on the blade of your post hole digger often – Check the cutting edge of your post hole digger from time to time. Assess the edge for any breaks or chips. These breaks or chips can prompt formation of rust and erosion.
  4. Keep changing the oil and lubricate your post hole digger often – Lubrication and oil make sure to keep your post hole digger moving without a hitch. Replacing the oil and lube will broaden the durability and lifetime of your post hole digger.
  5. Store your post hole digger in a proper place – Storing your post hole digger really makes a difference on the life of the equipment. Keeping them in a cool, dull, dry area is the key. Try not to leave it outside during the hot climate since the heat intensity can cause the digging bar parts to twist and break.
  6. Ensure to be careful when you are moving around your post hole digger – It’s important that you do not move your post hole digger around unnecessarily. Move it just when it is important. Over usage can make the pieces of the post hole digger break.
  7. Look around for any loose bolts before using the digger – There are high chances of the loose bolts to come free and tumble off. On the off chance that this occurs, they can raise a ruckus around the ground and increase the chances of risk.
  8. Fix any repairs and damaged parts – Defective or damaged parts can make your post hole digger glitch. It is smarter to fix all the damaged parts than to hold on until they flop totally.
  9. Continuously follow the safety protocol when using a digger – When using your digger bar, ensure to wear a pair of protective gloves. If you have any inquiry regarding how to use it, take the help of an expert or read the manual.
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Post hole digger bars are an essential tool for various purposes and it is important that you choose the right one that suits your concern. You may be able to find various other options in the marketplace. Whether you choose to go with a manual or an automatic option, you will need to learn how to use a post hole digger bar the right way to excavate the most accurately sized holes.

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