Best Two Man Post Hole Digger

The two man auger is a very versatile tool that can be used for many different jobs. It can be used to dig holes, install fence posts, digging trenches or drilling in farms for banana plantations.

The two man auger has the advantage of being able to do more work in less time than any other type of auger. This allows you to save money on your job.

When compared with a one man auger, this machine have more power and it can handle heavier loads. In addition, the two man auger is easier to operate because there are only 2 people operating it.

As well the flexibility of using higher diameter auger bits, the two man augers allow you to drill deeper and wider holes than what a one man auger can reach. This makes the two man auger ideal for heavy duty jobs in drilling though rocks, concrete or hard soil.

Best Two-man Auger For Post Hole Digging

XtremepowerUS 81008 Digger Post Hole 2 Man 3HP 63CC-Stark

The XtremepowerUS Post Hole Digger provides you with plenty of power for digging and boring holes for decks, fence posts, tree planting, and more with 2-person operation

Engine Power: 63CC

Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Air-cooled Gasoline Engine, 2-Cycle

Fuel Type: Gas, 50:1 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.45 Gal

This post hole digger features an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort and control while working.  A manual recoil start system allows for easy fuel delivery to start quickly. A translucent fuel tank makes it easy to see the level of fuel in the tank.

Easily controlled at your fingertips with finger throttle and switch controls on the handlebar.  A variety of sizes and types are available in drill bits, including 4 in., 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., and 12 in. for various applications.


  • Very durable
  • Plenty of torque


  • Pin breaking
  • No manual

EARTHQUAKE 9800H 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead

A 160cc Honda engine comes standard on the 9800H earth auger powerhead for maximum power. Earthquake’s two-man augers are designed for hard, big work. A solid, heat-treated alloy gear and the 3 inch diameter of this centrifugal clutch make the clutch more durable.

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Engine Power: 160cc

Engine Type: Honda 4-Cycle

Fuel Type: Gas, 50:1 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel

Output Torque: 207 ft-lb

With this heavy-duty unit, you can handle a variety of soils and dig a hole up to 14 Inches in diameter with exceptional control, allowing you to accomplish your task much more quickly, easily and reliably. Farms or ranches can use it for fencing, planting trees, and other tasks.


  • Very sturdy
  • Plenty of power


  • Need to purchase bit seperately

ECO LLC 63cc 3.4HP Gas Powered Auger Post Hole Digger

In addition to laying decks, setting fence posts, and planting trees, the ECO LLC One-Man 63CC Gasoline Auger with 2 Auger Bits & Extension Rod can assist you in digging and boring holes efficiently. For digging different sized holes, different size auger bits are available.

Thanks to the 63cc 2-stroke gasoline engine, you can drill multiple holes with the post hole digger power head in quick succession.

Engine Power: 63cc

Engine Type: Air-cooled two stroke engine

Fuel Type: Gasoline:Oil: 25:1

Power: 2.5KW(3.4HP)/8000r/min

Designed for maximum digging performance and versatility, earth bits have alloy steel blades and screw bits. The engine is protected from damages by the steel handlebar frame. With a 3/4-inch shaft size, post hole diggers can be used with most standard auger bits. The post hole digger is capable of handling hard rock soils and tree roots


  • Powerful & light weight


  • Manual poorly written

DYRABREST 52cc Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger

The Earth Auger’s gearbox is completely straight-through, unlike models with side-mounted engines, where the gears are more likely to be sheared. With this tool, you can produce professional-quality results.

It comes with three different sizes of drill bits to make your work easier. Drill bits of different specifications can be used in different environments, and they are also easy to install and disassemble.

Engine Power: 52cc

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Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled

Fuel Type: Gas, 50:1 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel

Power: 1.9KW/7500rpm

A 52 cc gasoline engine enables the auger to be operated by one or two people easily, and it has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to adjust and easy to use.

Designed for driving fence posts, poles, trees, shrubs, etc. into the ground quickly, the 2-Stroke Gas Powered Auger drills into the ground quickly. This safe, efficient and convenient professional tool is essential for those engaged in related work!


  • Powerful & light weight
  • Works great on hard ground


  • The clutch might not fully disengage when released

Final Word:

Post hole digger is a common garden tool which helps you to create a hole in soil for planting or installing any kind of wood or metal object. It will help you save time and money as well. You may choose the right one according to your need.

Each auger comes with set of drill bits for different purposes. So, choose the best one depending upon your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep can a 2 man auger dig?

With a two-man auger you can dig upto 6 feet but it’s not recommended for digging holes deeper than that because the hole will be too big and the auger may get stuck in the ground.

The depth of the hole is limited by how much weight you can lift and still maintain balance. It’s also limited by what kind of ground you have to work in, as well as your personal strength level.

Can one person use a 2 person auger?

Yes. With a good set up and proper technique you can do this with one person. But you need to ensure someone starts it while you hold it firm. This method requires more skill though so if you’re new to using an auger then this isn’t really the best option.

How does a 2 man auger work?

A two-man auger works like any other auger except there are two people working on it. One person on either side of the auger controls the direction it moves. Two man auger usually has a longer handle than a single auger. As well they are heavier than a single auger making them harder to control.

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What should I look for when buying a 2 man auger?

You should buy a 2 man auger that is made from high quality steel and is designed to last. A two man auger should be able to withstand extreme conditions such as being used in wet or dry soil. The auger should also be easy to operate and maneuver.

How big is a 2 person auger?

2 person augers come in different sizes depending on their capacity. They range from 3″ to 12″. Make sure you choose an auger bit that is large enough to fit your needs.

How heavy is a 2 man auger?

A 2 man auger weighs between 30 lbs – 40 lbs. This makes it difficult to transport and move around. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong back to carry it.

Is a 2 man auger easier to use?

Yes, and no. If you’ve never used an auger before a two man auger might seem intimidating at first. However once you learn how to use it properly you’ll find it very easy to use.

How long does a 2 man augering take?

It depends on the size of the hole you are trying to dig. Small holes can be dug in under 20 minutes while larger ones can take upwards of half hour.

How often should I change my drill bits?

It depends on how hard you are drilling. Generally speaking every time you switch out your drill bit you should clean off the old bit (if possible) and lubricate the new bit. Be careful when doing this. If you don’t remove the old bit completely you risk damaging the shaft of the auger. To avoid this try to keep the bottom of the bit flush against the bottom of the hole. Also make sure to check the length of each bit after changing it.

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