Best Manual Post Hole Digger Bars & Post-Use Maintenance Tips

Manual post hole digger bars are the most widely recognized and conventional choice for digging openings for wall posts, letter drops, and loads of different undertakings. They are constructed with a couple of long handles and two pivoted scoops on the end.

Manual post hole digger bars work by pushing the scoops into the dirt, working the handles this way and that a couple of times to relax soil and shakes, and afterward scooping them into a more healthy place. Some post-hole digger bars accompany accurate estimations on the handles to rapidly follow the progress and help the user know how deep the hole is being dug out.

While it probably won’t appear to be a great deal of work to dig a post hole or two with a digging tool, the size of the hole generally required can wind up appearing to be tremendous. Possessing a manual post hole digger implies the chance to make openings anyplace in the yard without a huge scope removal undertaking or any possible mess. 

Utilizing a manual post-hole digger can considerably cut the time spent on digging openings using a smaller tool. Post-hole diggers have different purposes too. Many ice fishers also seem to use a post-hole digger that is fitted with 4 or 6-inch drills to bore into the surface of the ice. A manual post hole digger can likewise dig openings for establishing any mail posts, sign boards, plants, bushes, and shrubs.

Here are some of the best hand-picked manual post hole diggers that are best suited for your concerns;

Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

This steel posthole digger by Fiskars makes it simple to dig additional profound holes in extremely tough and hard soil. The welded steel creation on the digger bar is definitely stronger than wood and will not flex like fiberglass, and it incorporates a welded steel turn joint so there are no nuts or screws that may tend to get loose.

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AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger with Hardwood Measurement Handle, 68-Inch

The AMES post hole digger bar, which is generally utilized for digging exact opening holes for decks, letter drops, or fencing, accompanies an elite handle ruler for measurement, which empowers the individual to quantify the profundity of the holes they are digging. These digger bars are likewise helpful for more significant projects. The digger bar accompanies an extra large grip that is made from a soft cushion so that the individual using it feels convenient and comfortable.

Emsco Group 1225-48 Workforce Digger-48 Fiberglass Handles-16 Gauge Steel Blade Post Hole Digger, Black/Red

The Workforce Post Hole Digger includes a durable, moved steel head for ideal opening diving in hard-pressed soil. The rake head is produced using 16-check, powder-covered steel for staggering strength and solidness and dives into even dry, hard-pressed earth.

The 54-inch fiberglass handle is supported to give a dependable device that won’t fragment or break. The whole rake is made out of quality parts to guarantee strength through loads of purpose without distorting, rusting, chipping, or fragmenting.

Covering off the long fiberglass handle is a rubber-based cap that forestalls slipping and gives the individual control as they power their way through cultivating and finishing.

True Temper 2704200 48 in. Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger with Ruler and Cushion Grips

The True Temper post-hole digger is designed with steel cutting edges that highlight a sharp point and round size for making the most ideal holes on the ground. It is incorporated with a ruler handle that estimates the profundity of the hole.

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Additionally, it comes with a grip made out of cushion for convenience and comfort, and better control. This 48-inch fiberglass handle is strong and climate-safe.

Truper 30379 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger, Wood Handles, 48-Inch

The Truper 30379, CA-38E – Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger 48-Inch comes with a professional grade premium white ash wooden handle. The white ash handle gives an ideal proportion of adaptability and resistance.

This expert quality design goes easy with the individual’s back, hands, and arms. Predominantly used for commercial and industrial purposes, the Tru pro post hole digger is the ideal choice for both personal and professional use. 

Post-use maintenance and care of your manual post-hole digger 

  • Actually, take a look at your manual post-hole digger for any possible damage after each use.  If there is any damage in the covering of the metal pieces of the digger, they should be repainted quickly to stay away from any creation of rust.
  • Apply linseed oil or other forms of wood additive which is boiled, to the wooden handle occasionally to reestablish the covering and stay away from any possible decay.
  • On the off chance that your manual post-hole digger contains a handle that is darted onto the shaft, apply some oil occasionally on the bolts to forestall them from any corrosion and turn out to be too firm to even consider fixing.
  • Ensure to clean any debris or dirt from your manual post hole digger and permit it to dry prior to putting it away. This should not be avoided because the water in the dirt can cause erosion assuming it comes into contact with the metal or wood of your digger bar.
  • Store your post hole digger in a cool and dry room, ideally hanging up to try not to damage the edge of the tool
  • Assuming that your post digger has a rubber grip or foam hand grip, ensure to keep the tool far away from mice and rodents. This is because rodents usually engage in nibbling on the rubber materials.
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Drawing to a conclusion, this choice is the most convenient decision, and the simplest to work with. The fundamental benefit of using a post-hole digger over a fueled one is the expense. Manual diggers are undeniably more affordable than any other version. They’re likewise profoundly compact and do not need a battery, gas, or an electrical line.

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