Post Hole Digger Vs. Auger: Which is Better?

Augers are used to create holes in-ground or ice. They are powered by a motor and usually have a cutting edge at the bottom of the shaft.

Post hole diggers are used to remove dirt from around posts. They are operated manually but can be pushed through the hard ground using an attachment.

Post hole diggers are easier to operate because they don’t require much skill to use. Augers are more powerful and can cut even through concrete. And it needs to be operated with caution.

The best option depends on how deep you need to make your hole for the post, what type of ground you’re working with, and what kind of soil you’re digging up. If you want a shallow hole, but you’re afraid that you’ll damage your lawn or grass, then you should opt for a posthole digger instead of an auger.

Which Is Better For Digging Holes? A Posthole Digger Or An Auger?


  • An auger is a powerful machine that can move heavy loads with a high torque level.
  • If you’re looking for a tool to get rid of annoying small rocks and debris around your home and landscape, then you don’t want to go with a auger.
  • It can work well for larger areas when removing sand and soil, especially where no other equipment can get into.

Post Hole Digger Vs. Auger

Post Hole Digger

  • But if you want to dig out a large area of loose material quickly, you would be way better off using a post hole digger.
  • A post hole digger can be very effective if the ground isn’t too hard.
  • A post hole digger will eliminate any problem with lifting vast amounts of material. But if the soil is too dry or too compacted, it might not be a good idea to use them.
  • The blades won’t work as efficiently when the ground is compacted or very dry.
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What Are The Advantages Of Using One Over The Other?


The post hole digger can cost you around 60$, while an auger can cost anywhere between $200-$400. 

As you can see, the costs are very different for both tools, so if you plan on investing your time into making these holes, the best choice would be a posthole digger since it’s easier to use and less expensive than an auger.


As we said before, the power of an auger can be impressive. It’s an excellent tool for moving massive amounts of stuff. But like I said earlier, it only works well on hard surfaces.

On the other hand, a posthole digger has to operate manually using a needle. It can be labor-intensive, but its strength lies in handling soft ground.


In terms of speed, a posthole digger is a prolonged device.

You won’t be able to move enough material to fill many holes with one setting. So if you’re planning on creating plenty of postholes for many trees, you’d be better of getting an auger.


Both have different sizes. At the same time, most post hole diggers come around 40 to 70 inches in length due to their weight. An auger bit is available from 15 to 40 inches.

Depending on how big the trees you’re planting, you may choose one over the other. If you’ve got a few smaller posts to grow then, the smallest size could be adequate.


Augers are pretty unsafe to operate. Since gasoline engines power them, even a minor leak can cause significant problems.

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Posthole diggers, on the other hand, aren’t dangerous at all. You have to wear a shoe and gloves, but otherwise, there’s no risk involved.


One must also take into account the weight of each device. They come in varying sizes.

Most posthole diggers are relatively light since they’re made only of steel. On the other hand, augers weigh much heavier due to their machine parts.

This makes the posthole digger suitable for those who need to save storage room and don’t want their backyard cluttered.

Best Auger To Buy

Best Post Hole Digger To Buy

In conclusion, when you need to dig holes, choosing between a post-hole digger or auger will depend on what type of job you need to be done.

A post hole digger will allow you to dig deeper holes than a regular auger, while an auger will give you a more comprehensive range of options. However, both tools will work just fine for most jobs.

A post hole digger is probably best suited if you need a quick solution for digging up a garden bed.

An auger is probably the better way to go when dealing with hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, clay, and stone. And if you want to dig a lot of holes, the auger is the best option.

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